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You will spend your third semester at one of our partner universities. We expect this to be highly stimulating and rewarding. You will learn things we do not offer in Jena. You will also enhance your language proficiency. This significantly improves your career prospects as surveys of employers have shown.

We have concluded tailor-made partnership agreements, which are highly attractive and specifically designed for you, in Great Britain, Israel, Finland, France, South Africa, the USA and other places. You will not have to pay tuition for most of them because we have arranged some kind of student exchange. We have made every effort to select partners that complement our programme. Some of them focus more on international organisations, some on specific crises scenarios and some on traditional peace and conflict studies. Take a closer look to decide which best meets your personal preferences.

There are various factors to consider when organising your stay. They all require you to plan well in advance:

  • Do you want to add an internship in the city or country where you will be staying? The Erasmus programme offers financial support, and there is sufficient time after your third semester to do this. The options in many countries are highly attractive.
  • Would you like to take further language classes abroad? You might want to attend fewer classes in Jena and instead enrol in classes abroad, especially if you are in a country whose language you are learning anyway. Or you might even take more classes than necessary in order to improve your language skills further.
  • The semester abroad is a good time to prepare your master thesis. Try to select an advisor beforehand and arrange the topic with him or her. Then you can spend the time abroad to collect and review the literature, write the exposé, maybe take relevant classes there, conduct interviews or do an internship at the organisation you want to write about.
  • Do you want to stay for two semesters instead of just one? That is possible at some partner universities. Please consult our Erasmus Coordinator well in advance.
  • Do you have another Master programme abroad in mind that you would like to visit? Please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Those of our students who come from another country might wish to stay in Germany, especially those learning German and wanting to practice it. That is possible, but you will still have to leave Jena. You can either enrol in English-language Master programmes in Magdeburg (“Peace and Conflict Studies”) or close-by Erfurt (“Master of Public Policy”); or you can enrol in the German-language Master programmes in Political Science at our partner universities in Erfurt, Halle and / or Leipzig.

Please consult the following pages to find more detailed information on our partner universities, participation requirements, application procedure, finances, documents and the contact details of our Coordinator.

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