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Master's Programme Tracks

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Disciplinary Core Track

The Disciplinary Core Track is the heart of our study programme. We begin with a weekend course just before the semester starts, in which we prepare you for studying in Jena’s multicultural environment. The Introductory Module in the first semester then creates a common foundation of knowledge for students, who have very diverse educational backgrounds. The International Organisations Module (which includes a study trip) and the Crisis Management Module, each running for two semesters with two seminars each, then deepen and expand your knowledge about international organisations and their role in the management of international crises.

The Executive Module is a very practical seminar that is always taught by a practitioner focusing on topics close to his or her organisation’s expertise. The week-long summer school focuses on one specific aspect of crisis management, although the topic changes each year. Both modules provide innovative teaching formats and examination procedures.

The fourth semester is reserved for the Master Thesis. As part of this track, you will discuss and agree on your topic with your chosen supervisor and write an exposé laying out a plan for your research project.

Semester Abroad

The third semester is reserved for your stay abroad (international students can visit another university in Germany). Feel free to select one of our partner universities, which offer very attractive courses. Places are usually limited, though. Based on your application, the Erasmus Coordinator will make a final decision on your study placement. He or she will also inform you about any financing options.

After consulting with the Coordinator, you will then choose two courses abroad that will constitute your Specialisation Modules. The courses offered by our partners cover a broad range of topics, which gives you plenty of choice to tailor your education to your priorities.  

Supplementary Track

The Supplementary Track is where you can best personalise your profile. You can get between 5 and 11 credit points (cp) in Interdisciplinary Studies, which includes courses from other sub-fields of political science as well as courses in economics, international law and more. In Language Studies, you can either learn a new language (beyond English) or strengthen your proficiency in a language you already have. You can choose from a list of languages and language classes we offer. Credits range from 9 to 15 cp. Overall you will need to get 20 cp in Interdisciplinary Studies and Language Studies combined.

The seven-week internship is another practical component. You may complete it at any time during your studies. We recommend using the semester break for that purpose or completing it as part of your stay abroad.


The Examination Regulations, the Modul Catalogue and the Study Regulations can be downloaded as PDF..

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Please look for further information on the rest of our website, where we explain the various features of our study programme in detail.

If you still can’t find the answer you need, please contact our Study Advisor:

Philip Tantow 

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