Flags in front of a UN building in Geneva

Study Abroad

Flags in front of a UN building in Geneva
Image: Franziska Sandt

You will spend your third semester at one of our partner universities. We expect this to be highly stimulating and rewarding. You will learn things we do not offer in Jena and enhance your language proficiency. This significantly improves your career prospects, as surveys of employers have shownExternal link.

We have concluded tailor-made partnership agreements, which are highly attractive and designed explicitly for you, in Great Britain, Finland, France, the USA, Poland, and other places. We have made every effort to select partners that complement our programme. Some of them focus more on international organizations, some on specific crisis scenarios, and some on traditional peace and conflict studies. Take a closer look to decide which best meets your personal preferences.

Those of our students coming from another country might wish to stay in Germany, especially those learning German and wanting to practice it. That is possible, but you will still have to leave Jena. You can either enroll in English-language Master programmes in Magdeburg (“Peace and Conflict Studies”); or enroll in the German-language Master programmes in Political Science at our partner universities in Halle and Leipzig.

Please consult the outgoing sectionExternal link on the Institute’s website for more information. Here you will find detailed information on our partners, the application procedure, the financial aspects of your stay, and many more.