Picture of a seminar

What is at stake now? Global Student Dialogue

Our students took part in an exciting online seminar with students from the USA and Russia to discuss Gorbatschow's new book.
Picture of a seminar
Image: Lucas Tamayo Ruiz

Published: 12 May 2021, 14:03

Flyer of the trilateral online webinar Image: Lucas Tamayo Ruiz

On April 20th 2021 our prestigious trilateral online-seminar titled "Gorbatschow. What Is at Stake Now: An Appeal for Peace and Freedom" took place via Zoom. In this seminar series, under the auspices of Prof. Rafael Biermann, and Dr. Carolina Rehrmann, Prof. Sharyl Cross from the Kozmetsky Center at St. Edward's University (Austin, USA) and Dr. Igor Okunev from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Moscow, Russia) students meet to discuss current political topics from an international and interculturally sensitive perspective. This year students exchanged opinions and ideas on Gorbatschow┬┤s eponymous book, and his appeal to international cooperation against the backdrop of the various global challenges related to nationalism, unilateralism, climate change, proliferation and war.

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